A Private School

This school’s small Macintosh lab accessed the Internet via ISDN line, which they found slow and expensive. No other computer on the campus was networked.

We designed a network that allowed for a computer in every classroom, plus multiple computers in the main office and the computer lab. Next, we established a cable modem connection in the computer lab, which included fifteen Macintosh computers and a teacher's station.

With the network in place, each of the classroom and main office computers could also access the Internet. Switching to the cable modem provided the lab with Internet access for less than half the cost of the ISDN line. We also set up multiple networked printers to enable printing from any station, along with the ability to transfer files.

A Model Railroad Store

We approached the store owner about launching a Web site. While not exactly a technophobe, he was resistant to exploring the Internet as a marketing tool.

After much discussion, revision, and some hand-holding, we got his go-ahead. We designed a site that uses a custom script that allows him to upload current inventory data from his store’s Point of Sale program with a single keystroke. He can update his site anytime, day or night, so his customers can find out immediately whether the item they’re searching for is available.

An Advertising Agency

This company has been with us since their first Macintosh purchase in mid 1994. They have since grown to a network of fifteen Macintoshes and five PCs on a 100 baseT network, sharing files across platforms and using a file server.

We also created a DSL connection that utilizes an Internet gateway with a cable modem backup connection. We’ve written custom software that enables them to track their advertising jobs and quickly determine what stage a job is in, who made what change last, and so on.

As they land more Internet marketing assignments, we’re handling custom scripting for their Web site designs and hosting, including shopping carts.

A Clothing Manufacturer’s Advertising Department

Although this company has its own Information Services Department, the Advertising Department needed someone to service and maintain its computers on
a much more attentive level. We’re slowly shifting them into a self-contained network which will be able to share across the company network.

We have redesigned the way the staff works with graphic files and established a system for backing up files —something they didn’t have at all until we arrived!

An Entertainment Marketing Company

We took over the redesign of the custom database this firm needed to track and calculate product placement in movies, TV shows, commercials and more.
While it will bein-house, the company’s clients will have limited access via the
firm’s Web site, where they can log on with a name and password and see their current status in real time.

A Copywriter

We took this full-time freelancer from an old Performa using a 14,400 modem to an iMac and PowerBook with DSL, scanner, fax modem and wireless AirPort networking. No longer chained to her home office, she can now access her files and the Internet from anywhere on her property, and transfer finished products directly to her clients via the Internet.

A Manufacturer

This company is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic scale model parts for every facet of miniature scale model building, from hobby applications to engineering/architectural, special effects and educational uses. We assisted them in writing a custom database of records for over 10,000 parts, accessible via the Internet from their Web site.